Top Seven Suction Catheters

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Suction catheters or aspirators are long flexible tubes used in intensive care to expel fluids from the mouth and airways of critically ill patients. Critically ill patients often have difficulty with swallowing or coughing. Expulsion of these fluids is necessary to make sure the lungs remain clean and the patient is able to breathe comfortably.

A suction catheter and suction tubing are connected to a collection container (suction canister) and a device that generates suction power. The catheter can be used only once, and is used mostly when the patient doesn’t have an artificial airway such as an endotracheal tube or tracheostomy in place. An ‘inline suction device’, where the suction catheter is enclosed in a plastic sleeve, is commonly used when a patient has a breathing tube in place. These are changed every 2-3 days.

The catheter is slowly inserted into the patient’s airway and suction force is applied, thus expelling any secretions or fluids.

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1. CareFusion AirLife Brand Tri-Flo Cath-N-Glove Economy Suction Kits

CareFusion AirLife Brand Tri-Flo Cath-N-Glove Economy Suction Kits are packaged in a plastic peel pouch for ease of use and quick preparation. Kits with 5/6 french and eight french catheters feature depth markings.

Features of CareFusion AirLife Suction Kits

  • Packaged for Ease of Use and Speed Preparation
  • Streamlines Procedure
  • Variety of Suction Catheter French Sizes 8Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr.
  • Used Tri-Flo Suction Catheter with Depth Markings
  • Non-Irritating Material

2. Covidien Argyle Graduated Suction Catheter Tray with Chimney Valve

Medtronic Covidien Argyle Graduated Suction Catheter Tray with Chimney Valve is packaged with two latex-free, powder-free gloves in a hard tray. The low drag catheter surface allows easy insertion into endotracheal tubes. Large opening on control vent provides high airflow and efficient suctioning while the staggered and opposite eyelets reduces potential for invagination or blocked suction.

Features of Covidien Argyle Suction Catheter

  • Sterile, single-use, and disposable
  • 2 premium latex-free, powder-free glove
  • Very tactile sensitive feel that clinicians demand
  • Low-drag catheter surface

3. Sage Oropharyngeal Suction Catheter with Thumb Port

Sage Oropharyngeal Suction Catheter with Thumb Port attaches directly to suction lines for quicker oral care and helps reduce the risk of plaque buildup in the mouth and promote oral health. User-friendly thumb port provides easy suction control, quick tool changes and connects to standard suction lines.

Features of Safe Oropharyngeal Suction Catheter

  • Sterile suction catheter
  • Disposable after multiple or single use
  • Made of sturdy PVC for safety and security

4. ReliaMed Coil Packed Suction Catheter Kit

ReliaMed Coil Packed Suction Catheter Kit is sterile and features suction thumb control with a stepped connector which is used for tight holding. Two staggered, opposing eyes, smooth cut for pain-free insertion. The kit includes a coil-packed suction catheter, two powder-free PVC gloves and pop-up cup.

5. Smiths Medical Portex SuctionPro 72 Closed Ventilation Suction Catheter

Smiths Medical Portex SuctionPro 72 Closed Ventilation Suction Catheter is a single patient use suctioning device for the removal of secretions from the tracheobronchial tree of ventilator dependent adult patients. It is intended for 72 hours use.

Features of Smiths Medical Portex SuctionPro Catheter

  • 3-day recommended duration of use
  • Patient label with day of the week stickers
  • Clear T piece for visualization of the pathway
  • Soft but strong catheter sleeve
  • Trac-Wedge device to aid in disconnection of the catheter from the patients tracheal or tracheostomy tube
  • Swivel connector to reduce torque to patient in some packs

6. Ballard Adult Closed Suction Double Swivel Elbow Catheter System

Ballard Adult Closed Suction Double Swivel Elbow Catheter System features dual swivels that provide flexibility without multiple connectors. It is designed to safely suction patients on mechanical ventilation by removing secretions from the airways. The closed-suction systems reduce the opportunity for contamination to occur from outside pathogens, thus reducing the bacterial colonization within the circuit.

Features of Ballard Closed Suction Catheter System

  • Retracts within a unique, isolated and vacuum-sealed turbulent cleaning chamber
  • The turbulent cleansing action results in an 89% cleaner catheter tip
  • Multiple fr lengths available at different sizes

7. Vyaire AirLife Tri-Flo Suction Catheter

Vyaire AirLife Tri-Flo Suction Catheters are designed with two triangular eyes and a beveled tip to increase suctioning efficiency while reducing patient trauma. It is sterile. The tri-flo features of the catheter increases the suction power while ensuring efficiency and safety of the patient. It is compatible with a wide range of machines and is easy to use.

Where to Buy Suction Catheters Online?

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