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Pediatric Tracheostomy

A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure to create an opening through the neck into the windpipe (trachea). Our pediatric tracheostomy products help provide pediatric patients with the right fit and maintain airway patency, helping ensure patient safety and comfort. All of our products are made to the most exacting standards. These standards allow us to provide products that offer safety, durability and comfort, which is especially important when it comes to children, infants and neo-natal patients.
We have a complete range of products that will take care of your child's entire tracheostomy needs and improve the quality of your child's life. Tracheal tubes, tube holders, endoTracheal tubes, masks, tracheal care kits and more for kids, all can be found here at fantastic discounts! They are safe and reliable coming from popular brands like Shiley, Portex, Provox and Kendall.

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